Jolvin and Regina are the definition of love that needs process, struggle and sincerity. Met in 2018, from being strangers, to lunch buddies, to friends, then becoming lovers. It was difficult and happy for them to go through together until they didn't realize it made them closer, and finally married. Jolvin, who always tried to be a support system when Regina was at lowest point, made Regina feel even more in love with Jolvin. And conversely, Regina, who always appreciated and respected Jolvin, made Jolvin being a very lucky man to have a partner like Regina.
Seeing this very romantic story, it makes us touched and we want to make Regina and Jolvin's wedding more meaningful and will always be remembered forever. With an outdoor concept and a beautiful garden, it really supports this event to make it look warmer. The smiles of emotion and happiness that appear at every moment, make us even more sure that this wedding has been eagerly awaited and Jolvin - Regina are the perfect couple.
Happy Wedding Jolvin & Regina!

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