Welcome to the moment of Lionel and Margaretha's wedding, where eternal love merges with romantic beauty and a relaxed yet classy atmosphere. Lionel and Margaretha's love story teaches us that true love is about beautiful moments that happen in everyday life. In their wedding video, we present two soul-stirring scenes: a festive party and a meaningful wedding procession.
A festive party becomes the beginning of their love journey. Under sparkling light and carefree laughter, Lionel and Margaretha celebrate their love with their closest family and friends. At this moment, we capture every happy smile and warm togetherness, reflecting cheerfulness in every detail.
The next scene takes us to the most romantic moment when the bride and groom stand performing the wedding procession with affection and respect. In this scene, each special moment is captured with tenderness and elegance, bringing unforgettable happy memories.
Happy Wedding Lionel dan Margaretha!

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